Ram  Jhula  रामझूला Ramjhula , Ganges, Rishikesh

As you drive from Rishikesh towards Himalayas on National highway NH68, you will pass by the impressive Ram Jhula, a suspension bridge swaying above the swirling Ganges waters. This bridge is a replica of Laxman Jhula constructed during the British regime in the year 1939.

Himalayan Golden Mahseer

A very moving experience is to stand in the centre of Ram Jhula and look down at the river. On a good day, you will see schools of great Golden Himalayan Mahseers (carp fish found in Ganges) through the clear water. It is quite a treat to feed these fishes from the bridge. On an average day, you will be struck by the power - physical and metaphysical - the Ganges command over all who have visited her banks and those who haven't. Eternal icon of India and her people, she is loved, revered and, now sought to be tamed by adventurers who ride her rapids around Rishikesh.

Ram Jhula connects Sivananda Ashram on the west bank with Swargashram on the east, and hence gets it's more popular name - Shivananda Jhula. You see lot of monkeys on the bridge beacause the area is in the vacinity of reserve forest, be aware of them if you are carrying any eatable. Please don't feed monkeys on the bridge as it illegal and forms a bad habit in them.

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